• its a push or pull
  • a push or pull, magnetic force, gravity
  • if there going in same direction add them if there going in the opposite direction then minus
  • balance both equal zero unbalanced they are different in the newtons

conversion of energy: Roller coasters

For our science project we made a paper roller coaster What we did was first build really strong support beams so our roller coaster wouldn’t shake. Shaking means more lost energy!!  After that we messed around with the paper to make tracks and what not. The requirement was two hills, three turns, and a loop. After we got the basic idea down for the tracks we attached them to the roller coaster.

So we calculated the potential energy and rolled the marble down the roller coaster. Then we calculated the velocity so we could find out the velocity and figure out how much energy we lost. Then we tested ours out and our best one was 1.081 seconds to travel a meter. And we collected our data and we are writing this post.

what is matter

Matter is anything that take up space. For example planets, animals, rocks, dirt, plants, tennis balls, silver and gold all have matter.

  • Properties of matter are physical and chemical properties. Some examples of physical properties are stuff like color, size, texture, if it is magnetic, shape, if it has electricity, and if it has luster. Chemical properties could be like if its rusted or if it can burn and is it flammable.
  • How to measure matter by length. It is measured in ways like meter, foot, ruler measuring stick, cm , metric units, length, and height.
  • How to measure matter by its mass and weight is by finding how much matter is in an object ( mass ) and how gravity acts on the mass ( weight ).
  • How to measure matter by volume is by telling the amount of space something is taking up.
  • how to measure the density in matter is by telling the amount of mass in each cubic centimeter.

Deformation of the crust

  •    the state of balance between the thickness of the crust and the depth at which it rides on the asthenosphere is called isostacy
  • the increasing weight of mountains causes the crust to sink
  • the force that changes the shape and volume of rocks is stress
  • the type of stress that squeezes rock together is compression
  • the type of stress that pulls rocks apart, making them thinner, is tension
  • shearing means bends, twists, or breaks rocks.
  • high pressure and high temperature will cause rocks to deform
  • upcurved folds in rock are called anticlines
  • downcurved folds in rock are called synclines
  • folds in which both limbs remain horizontal are called monoclines
  • when no movement occurs along the sides of a break in a rock, the break is called a fracture
  • when a fault is not vertical, the rock above the fault plane makes up the footwall
  • a nearly vertical fault in which the rock on either side of the fault p;ane moves
  • the largest mountain systems are part of still larger systems called ranges
  • mount st. helens in washington state is an example of a volcanic mountain

Mountain Formation

  •  collisions       between continental and oceanic crust. when mountains form when oceanic and continental crust collide at convergent plate boundries. when the moving plates collide, the oceanic crust is subducted beneath the continental
  • collisions     between
  • oceanic crust and oceanic crust.
  • collisions   
  • between continents
  • folded mountains and platues
  • fualt-block mountains and grabens
  • volcanic mountains
  • dome mountains

How the crust is deformed

  • Isostatic adjustments can be cause by landslides. When you have heavy rain and a landslide occurs the land that has moved goes to a different part of the land. Where the landmass has moved the earths crust rises. Where the landmass that has moved to aftert the the landslide the earths crust under it sinks.
  • Compression is when two things are being pushed together with high pressure inbetween them. Tension is when you have two objects being pulled away from eachother with some restraint. Shearing is when there are two things going the opposite direction.