Notepad Printing

A few days ago I saw something really awesome. I teach school and had a student come in late to class. The student handed me a note from another teacher excusing his tardiness. Now, I don’t like to point it out, but at times it’s not always easy to trust teenagers, so when they come in tardy carrying a note, the notes authenticity is often questioned; even when it is signed by the teacher. You would probably be amazed at how well students can forge a teacher’s signature. But not this time. I did not even challenge the notes authority. Why you ask? Because of the note paper that it was on. In the top corner was some artwork and the teacher’s name imprinted right on the paper. Personalized note pages! What an brilliant concept!

I came to the conclusion I simply had to get some. So I went to talk with the teacher. He said that he just purchased them off the web and that they weren’t that pricey. I went home that night and began to do some notepad printing research. I found plenty of places that do notepad printing, but with a variety of price ranges. Of course, I being on a teacher’s budget was searching for the cheapest notepad printing I could possibly find and still get a good quality product. I found a notepad printing service called PrintNinja who claimed to have “wicked low printing prices” and excellent quality. It looked awesome. I can get fantastic quality, cheap notepad printing with my made to order look. This will be great for school. Other teachers will never be deceived by phony notes with my name ever again!


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