because of uneven surfaces sliding and rolling

rolling like rollerblades sliding like a sled liquid like water passing thruogh stream

helpful by keepin traction and bad for friction on your face



  • its a push or pull
  • a push or pull, magnetic force, gravity
  • if there going in same direction add them if there going in the opposite direction then minus
  • balance both equal zero unbalanced they are different in the newtons

conversion of energy: Roller coasters

For our science project we made a paper roller coaster What we did was first build really strong support beams so our roller coaster wouldn’t shake. Shaking means more lost energy!!  After that we messed around with the paper to make tracks and what not. The requirement was two hills, three turns, and a loop. After we got the basic idea down for the tracks we attached them to the roller coaster.

So we calculated the potential energy and rolled the marble down the roller coaster. Then we calculated the velocity so we could find out the velocity and figure out how much energy we lost. Then we tested ours out and our best one was 1.081 seconds to travel a meter. And we collected our data and we are writing this post.