Plate Techtonics

  • Continental Drift- states that cintinents have moved
  • Pangaea- all lands
  • Panthalassa- all seas
  • Mid-Atlatic Ridge- an undersea mountain range with a steep, narrow valey running down its center
  • The earths crust consists of two types, Oceanic crust and continental crust
  • convergant boundry is when the direct colision of one plate with another
  • A divergent boundary occurs at the point where two plates are moving away from each, creating more crust at the point of separation.
  • The trnasform boundary forms where two plates are grinding past eachother.
  • THe convection Current caused by the expansion of a liquid, solid, or gas as its temperature rises. The expanded material, being less dense, rises, while colder, denser material sinks.
  • Convection is a mode of heat transfer which includes the movement of the molecules of the material.
  • Sea-floor spreading is the process in which the ocean floor is extended when two plates move apart.  As the plates move apart, the rocks break and form a crack between the plates.  Earthquakes occur along the plate boundary.  Magma rises through the cracks and seeps out onto the ocean floor like a long, thin, undersea volcano

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